About Maine STEN

Sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation have been making headlines in Maine, and awareness of the issue is growing in our communities.

Sex trafficking and exploitation happens when a third party benefits from the sale of a person for sex acts, through force, fraud, coercion, threats, and/or manipulation. We know that victims often have a history of victimization, they are at great risk for future sexual violence, and have little to no say in many aspects of their life.

Maine’s law enforcement and direct service communities have done significant work to try to address this concern in recent years. Legislative work groups have convened through the Office of the Attorney General to study the issue in 2006 and again in 2009. Maine participated for two years in the New England Coalition Against Trafficking (through the Justice Research Institute in Boston by the Office on Violence Against Women). Through that effort, state grantees conducted training on human trafficking for over 500 law enforcement officers and direct service providers. Large-scale public awareness events such as the Not Here conference have been instituted. Local multidisciplinary teams, such as the Greater Portland Coalition Against Sex Trafficking and Exploitation have developed in order to further a Maine-based response to the issue.

This webpage is a central source of information and resources about these trafficking awareness and response efforts in Maine. It is a project of the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MECASA), with support from the Maine Women’s Fund.

If you need support or would like to report a tip, please contact:  

The Maine Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Line:
1-800-871-7741, TTY 1-888-458-5599
The Maine Domestic Violence Statewide Helpline:
The National Human Trafficking Resource Center:
1-888-373-7888 or text BEFREE (233733)

If you would like to contact MECASA, please call 207-626-0034 or contact us